Monday, July 11, 2011

39 Things You Should Know About Google+

While you will undoubtedly learn much more about Google + over time, here are a few nuggets guide to get a little 'knowledge.

First Google + is currently available on an invitation only.

2. Google does not see Facebook as a competitor (at least publicly).

3rd + Google is currently available for download as an application in the Android Market.

4. By downloading, separates the "Huddle" feature as a standalone application.

5. Users can send updates, and shown in the Google profile in a "Messages" tab. The Buzz +1' s chips and are kept separate. I wonder if we'll see Buzz and messages to match time.

6th What is available now is "just the beginning," according to Google. These are only the first function and probably many more to come.

7. Circles is a common feature. It lets you share things with different people (like Facebook groups), but with a different user interface. Watch this video:

8. Another feature is Sparks. This seems to videos and articles that he thinks you'll like, so "when you're free, there is always something to see, read and share." Filter any bubbles?

9th Hang Outs is a different function. It is essentially a group video chat. Google described it as "non-scheduled follow-up meeting."

10. Snapshots are mobile-specific functionality. Upload photos you take them the same, and stored in private areas of the cloud.

11. Huddle is another feature of mobile chat group. In essence, the group chat.

The Stream

12. Stream is primarily responsible for the news feed on Facebook.

13. When you share something with Google + is added to food and the flow of all they share.

14. Stream will show you what all the circles are shared with you.

15. If you say that a user who uses the "+" or "@" symbol, a person may receive a notification that you mentioned them.

16. You can see that the message was distributed to specific flow - if they are shared publicly, so that the circles expanded or restricted.

17. You can filter specific media stream.

18. You can speak directly into the flow

19. You can report inappropriate content.

20th You can search for people in the search box at the top of the creek.

21. Soon, Google says that you can find the search field to the same stream.

22. If you leave comments on a message, you can edit or delete them.

23rd The same goes for posts, but you can not change a setting to share post after the vacancy has been shared. But you can delete the post and went again to different constituencies.

24. You can "reshare" messages sent by others (eg retweet).

25. You can send "dumb". This will allow you to stop receiving email updates as if the comments out of control, for example.

Google Social Network

26. You can use 'Google + Bar ", which appears at the top of Google products in relation to a social network.

27th Once connected, you will see your name or e-mail address is displayed with a photo or avatar next to, to help you identify the account you are currently connected.

28th If you have enabled multiple log, you can connect to two different Google accounts and switch between them using Google + bar.

29th When you sign up for Google +, you also sign up for Picasa Web Albums, so all the photos and videos uploaded to Google + (including from your phone via Instant Upload) will also be available in Picasa Web Albums.

30. You can use a current Google.

31. You can have a ton of friends + Google. Robert Scoble just added more than 1000

32. The user interface is very central to the way Facebook.

33rd + Google quickly became the target of many jokes (and even cartoons), but also received much praise so far.

34. Google + Google adds a "you" to newly redesigned bar (painted black) navigation through Google properties

35. You can look at the public Google Content + without actually being called (by Danny Sullivan, is a guide to view it)

36. China has blocked Google +. It was not long.

37. Invitations have been sold on eBay.

38th There are already privacy concerns Google +, but the orientation of confidentiality can be found here.

39. According to the Financial Times article, you can share something in an enclosed "Circle", but the circle can then Somone reshare with anyone, and even make it public.

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Social Media, Search & Web Shrinking

It narrows the web? E 'according to Ben Elowitz, founder and CEO of Wetpaint. He recently wrote a very interesting guest post AllThingsD on this issue, and we decided to use his brain a little 'more.

"People spend more time on Facebook and less time for the rest of the web," says WebProNews. "If you look at the total amount of time that visitors spend on Facebook from March 2010 to March 2011, an increase of 69%. And if you look at the total amount of time that visitors spend on the entire Web, decreased 9%. It 'was amazing for me, and stressed the critical importance to understand and use the social Web, intelligent. "

He gave the following graph: So if Facebook is about to take the consumer away from the rest of the Internet, we do not hear so often how much referral traffic from Facebook?

Elowitz says: "There is no doubt that Facebook is going to be strong, and referrer of traffic to Facebook is a deep relationship with the public, beginning on the date on Facebook, and use it to center content they consume ..

"Unlike Google and portals, which were intermediate, Facebook is a port;. So much time users spend on Facebook, and follow the links to other sites," he says. "So, like Facebook takes time away from consumption of others, is also now the second largest - Distributor of traffic for most audiences -. And the increase as any other seller, a company needs to optimize for it, and we face it, Facebook is becoming more complex every day. It's not just display the contents of a stream and call it good. It's much more. Media companies do not invest in understanding and enjoying Facebook will lose its competitors socially optimal. "

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Friday, July 1, 2011

SEO - What Does The Future Hold?

The dilemma for any SEO company is how the search engines change their algorithms (how they rank websites on the web).
As the Internet is growing more and more websites start and the dilution of each market, which is a constant reference work is never done.
SEO days
The tactic did not work last year in office this year - and is something that frustrates any SEO company. However, there are good and bad points.
The Bad
The hard work is spent on the articles submitted to article directories, manually submitting sites to directories and write high quality content to go on site. Change the way search engines rank Web sites and all the hard work seems a little 'insignificant.
The Good
In many markets, the site owners look for ways to cheat the system (for faster results). So while some people spent time to write unique articles, other changes are automatically submitted an article and strengthening its position during the night search at a time. Perfect for those of us in the game, but that is why search engines do not conform to their ways of reading web sites, to keep things fair.
There are several factors that contribute to the arsenal of SEO, the trick for many SEO companies is to balance and distribute the time and resources effectively. The problem is that, without knowing exactly where the itch is, it is difficult to remove.
Tomorrow SEO
There is a good possibility that the way search engines rank sites will continue to change, but some things remain constant.
Backlinks * - Websites that have more to qualify for the bonds are considered more popular in your area, and as such, higher in their fields of research. Always be the case that sites that have more links will be the rule.
* Quality - websites that have quality links from authoritative sites will be ranked higher because of the strength of the ties. The figures do not count for anything (quality over quantity).
Although search engines are and will continue to change the way they rank websites, the two above factors remain constant, since the quality of links is at the heart, and the number of quality links is important.
The methods of exactly how to achieve the above will vary and it is the job of the SEO company to find the best ways to achieve them.
Search engines do look at the quality of backlinks, and also consider that if a website has ‘spammy’ links or links from irrelevant websites, then this can have a negative effect, so keeping an eye on what sites are sending links (via google toolmaster) is helpful in order to protect your link portfolio.
Closing Thoughts
SEO is always going to be hard work and is never going to be a finished job.  Every business will have competitors looking to pip them to first place.  Ensuring that your onsite SEO and offsite SEO are steadily being worked on will show the search engines that your site is worth taking note of.  By getting good quality links and lots of them (from relevant websites) should ensure that you are going in the right direction.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Google Launches New Tool For Advertisers To Display The Network

Google Adwords Display Network New Feature

Google announced new tools to see the Google Network, which is said to give users a better fit, transparency and value seems campaigns.

A feature on the CTR, which shows how effective the ad relative to other ads on Google to see the same networking sites. "The behavior of users on the pages varies depending on the page are users," said Dan Friedman Google's Inside AdWords crew. "For example, users can interact with the product review page for your ads to ads in different locations. (CTR) will tell you how often users click on ads, but the CTR can not tell you how effective your ad is compared with other ads on the same page. "

The function can be accessed by clicking on "Ad Groups" in your AdWords account, click "Customize Columns" and choose "CTR relative" in the dropdown menu.

Another feature of printer sharing, to help advertisers measure online presence. Represents the percentage of times your ads are shown in the total number of impressions available for those who were eligible. "In other words, the percentage of impressions that give their share of voice online," said Friedman. Lost (RB) meter will tell you the number of impressions that are lost because of your budget. Lost IS (Rank) said that the number of impressions to lose because of the ad base.

Content Ads is a diagnostic tool (CADT), which explains why the ads do not appear on the screen network. Google will begin to let this small number of advertisers in this month, and then fully launch in July.

Another new feature is included Impression filter, which ensures that advertisers do not pay CPM for impressions that users have little chance of seeing.

Each of the new features is available for all languages ​​AdWords. Learn more.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SEO Google Analytics

Google announced a limited pilot SEO Google Analytics, which is based on the query data in Webmaster Tools.

"Webmasters have long called for better integration into Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Central Blog says.

SEO Reports also take advantage of Google Analytics visualization and filtering further analysis, Google said. . For example, you can filter the queries that had more than 100 clicks and see a graph of the amount of each of these investigations have contributed to your clicks all the most popular searches "in search query data includes:

Information: The total number of search queries that have returned pages from your site performance for a given period. (These figures are rounded and may not be accurate.)

Question: List of search queries that return pages from your site.

Impressions: The number of times pages from your site was in search results and the percentage increase / decrease in average daily records during the previous period. (The number of days in each default period of 30, but you can change at any time.)

Clicks: The number of times your site is clicked on the search results for a particular request, and the percentage increase / decrease in the average clicks per day compared to the previous period.

CTR (CTR): The percentage of impressions that resulted in a click on your website and increase / decrease in the average daily CTR compared to the previous period.

Note. position: The average position of your site in the results page for that query, and change the previous period. A green light indicates that the average position of your site is improving.To calculate the average position takes into account the ranking of your site for a particular query (for example, if a query returns to its spot as the # 1 and # 2 result, then the average position of 1.5).

Administrators can use the search query data to verify the extent provided query keywords and compare impressions and click rates. It can also be useful for keyword ideas for paid search campaigns.

"We hope this will be the first of many ways to the surface Webmaster Tools Google Analytics data to give a fuller picture of the performance of your site," said Trevor Claiborne of Google Analytics team. "We look forward to working with members of the pilot project to help identify the best ways to get there."

Search Engine Patents and Panda

Bill Slawski is the president and founder of SEO by the sea, and joined the professional SEO consulting and Internet marketing since 1996. With a degree in English from the University of Delaware and a Juris Doctor from the Widener University School of Law, Bill worked for the district court in Delaware highest level for 14 years as court manager and administrator, as a coach and analyst / management. While working for the Court, the bill also began to build and promote websites, and SEO became a full-time in 2005. Working on a wide range of sites, the Fortune 500 pages of small businesses, the draft patent law blog search engine and also the white papers on its seobythesea.com blog.

What are the signals that can be used by Panda?

Eric Enge: Let's talk about some patents, which may play a role in the Panda 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and beyond. I wish I had ideas about what the signals are used to measure either the quality or content of user participation.

Bill Slawski: I looked at the sites affected by Panda. I started early corrective SEO. I went through the sites explored through them, so for the problems of duplicate content within the same domain, then for things that are not indexed, there was, and went through the list provided by Google Base Tools Webmaster in their field.

In an interview with Wired Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts about this update, they said an engineer named Panda. I found his name on the list shows Googlers and read through his material. I also found three other tools and system engineers, named Panda and the other an engineer who writes about architecture and information retrieval. I concluded that the panda was someone who worked PLANET paper (more on this later).

For signals with respect to quality, we can see that the lists of questions from Google. For example, what your site is like reading a magazine? Would you trust people with their credit cards? There are many things on a website that could indicate the quality and make the page seem more credible and trustworthy search engine and leading to believe it was written by someone who has more than expertise.

Things are usually presented on the pages, for example if you get eight blocks, there may be signals. If we look at the planet brochure "Learning Tree massively parallel bands with MapReduce" his focus is not so much to look at the quality of the signal, or feedback from users, but rather as Google is able to take the machine learning deals with Decision trees and scaling it up to use multiple computers simultaneously. You could put a lot of things in memory and compare one against the other page, if certain characteristics and signals are instantly displayed on these pages.

Eric Enge: So, PLANET brochure describes how to make the process, which previously had a computer in the process of machine learning, and put it in a distributed environment will have much more power. And 'this a fair assessment?

Bill Slawski: It would be a fair assessment. Use the Google File System and Google MapReduce. It draws a lot of stuff in memory to compare to each other and changing variables simultaneously. For example, an approach to regression model type.

Something that could have been very difficult to use a very large file is much easier when you can be scaled. It 'important to think about what your web page, the signal quality.

Your approach is to manually identify which pages have high quality, content quality, presentation, etc. and use as seed set to use automatic learning process. To identify other pages, and how they can be classified according to these different characteristics, it is harder for us to determine which signals specifically search engines are looking for.

If they follow this with Panda PLANET-type machine learning, there may be other stuff thrown in. It's hard to say. Google may not be exclusively used this approach. They may have tightened indexing based on phrases and the highest in a way that helps rank and search results re-ranking.

Panda can be filtered on which sites should be promoted and demoted other websites are based on a kind of score in signal quality.

It seems that Panda is an approach to rehabilitation. This is not a substitute for the importance and rank of the page and two hundred more signs that we are accustomed to hearing about Google. It can be a filter on top of those where certain websites are promoted and demoted other websites are based on some kind of score signal quality.

Eric Enge: That's my feeling too. Google uses the term classifier, so you can imagine, either before running the basic algorithm or later, is like a ladder or a factor of up or down.

Bill Slawski: Right. This is what you hear.

Google, What Content You Should Have Your Home Page

The latest Google Webmaster Central video of Matt Cutts debates on page content. Taking into account issues such as depth of content and speed of the site, Google has made it big in recent history, the content of the site is useful to consider about these things too.

Question that Matt's address is: "More or less the content of the first page?" You can be too much, "said Cutts." So I would not be at home, which is 20 MB. You know, that takes a long time to download, and users who have dial-up or modem connection is slow, they get angry for you. "

"But usually, if you have more content on the homepage, there is more text Googlebot to find, as only images, for example, if you have images and captions - a bit 'of textual information can really do much," continues.

"If you look at my blog, I've had anywhere from May to October messages on my home page at any time, so I tend to turn to a little more content when it is possible, he added.

It can be seen on Matt's blog here, if you want a better idea of ​​how it does.

Webmasters Bing Refreshed

Bing Bing released some improvements in Webmaster Tools in an update called "Honey Badger.

"Realignment of today offers a simplified experience webmasters that allows them to quickly analyze and identify trends - while adding new features and unique to the industry," said a representative of Bing WebProNews. "Our goal is to help webmaster make quicker and better decisions and drive new prospects to their site by presenting them with rich graphics and better organized, relevant content."

Improvements include:

Scan Time Management: allows webmasters to configure the crawl bingbot for a specific domain.

Index Explorer: It allows webmasters the ability to access the index data in a specified domain Bing.

User and role management: Allows website owners the ability to give admin read / write or read access to other users of their site.

crawl is configurable per hour. Users can ask Bing crawling slowly during peak hours or explore faster during peak hours. Is the drag and drop functionality that allows users to create a mapping by clicking and dragging the mouse pointer over the graphic. columns can be clicked on to refine.

for more info: http://drshns.blogspot.com/